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Health for Life is a family-operated naturopathic practice whose goal is to educate clients concerning the latest information in health and healing. 
 Dr. David Rostollan is a traditional naturopath and has been educating others in natural healing for many years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health (Highest Honors) and a doctorate in Naturopathy. With an original focus on naturopathic and preventive cardiology, his doctoral dissertation on cardiovascular disease ("An Effectual Analysis of Conventional and Alternative Approaches to Cardiovascular Disease and Suggested Preventive Strategies Based on Naturopathic Principles") earned high praise. Eventually, his focus shifted and he now focuses strongly on gastrointestinal imbalances and HPA axis dysregulation ("Adrenal Fatigue"). Following the Functional Naturopathic model, he attempts to discover and address whatever dysfunction is at the root of each health complaint. This process is guided by a variety of state-of-the-art laboratory tests.
Dr. Rostollan spends countless hours navigating the latest research in health and healing, and his dual commitments to time-honored healing methods and scientific rigor have formed a uniquely effective approach that simultaneously honors the past while moving forward into the future. 

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