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Are you exhausted all the time? Wake up without any energy after a full night’s sleep? Or start out the day feeling great and crash in the afternoon? Have food allergies? Do you feel “off” despite your medical doctor telling you you’re fine? Do you have heartburn, bloating, gut pain, or skin problems? Do you have weight to lose in spite of an active lifestyle and relatively healthy diet?




I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Rostollan. He’s beyond knowledgeable. He’s sheer genius! He’s been able to help me heal when big time western medical specialists from Rush University shook their head and said they had no idea what was wrong with me. Instead of feeling lost and afraid, I felt like I was in good hands with Dr. Rostollan. My husband calls him my “Miracle Doctor” because he’s the only one who has solutions when everything else fails. I’m so grateful for his knowledge and healing abilities. I can’t recommend him enough. I know he’s always got something up his sleeve to help me heal, recover, and most importantly STAY healthy.

Tarah G.


My Mom had been searching for answers to her abdominal pain for years. She had been to countless doctors but they were unable to answer what was causing the pain and were unable to provide any pain relief! We started searching for a different approach as all of the traditional approaches had failed her.

When we first met with Dr. David I remember being so impressed on how intently he listened. His demeanor not only conveyed a true interest, but, also, a deep compassion. After our first visit with Dr. David, I remember thinking, “Now that is how all doctors should practice!”

My Mom had been dealing with abdominal pain for half of her life, yet, two weeks after beginning Dr. David’s protocol, her abdominal pain began to diminish! We were so happy, yet, also in a state of disbelief as we had spent all these years with all the other doctors and made no progress. I am so happy we found Dr.David and I would, without question, recommend him!

My father, my siblings, and my children, are all going to see Dr. David if we have health concerns!


Kansas City

Empower yourself through wise guidance to make personal choices and decisions that can result in regaining or improving your health. Discover cutting-edge research that offers you new choices for your stubborn health needs, digestive issues, gut pain, emotional or hormonal struggles, aging issues, fertility challenges, weight loss strategies, allergies, sleep issues,  exhaustion and so much more.

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I’ve had a weight problem for some time now.  I actually went on diets, cut down my portion sizes and was ultimately frustrated, because the weight kept creeping up or, at best, stayed the same!  I never thought I needed any advice on losing weight– I mean- how hard could it be to find a good diet?  Out of desperation, I finally made an appointment with DrRostollan, who ascertained that I had a lot of toxicity and metabolism problems.  He designed a dietary and detoxification program that fit my particular challenges.  I was amazed at how easy and satisfying the diet was. So far I have lost 9 lbs!  My husband was a sympathetic participant and he also lost weight– more than me in fact!  On top of it all, my toxicity score was cut in half!  I feel better, think clearer and sleep great.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Dr. Rostollan’s expertise.  Because he practices functional naturopathy, which gets right to the core of a person’s problems, he treats each client individually. He has a professional approach which seeks out cutting-edge research.  I trust my family’s health to his expertise!  I’ve always thought- if there were ever a best-kept secret, Dr. Rostollan is it!



Dear Dr. Rostollan,

I just thought that you should know how much our family appreciates the work you are doing with our mother. As you know, she has spent decades attempting to understand and treat multiple symptoms through traditional western medicine and members of the AMA and their affiliates. As you know, the results have been frustrating and her treatments have been ineffective. After our first visit, she was once again hopeful in regard to finding some explanation as to why and more importantly how to get better. The testing and lab results confirmed many of our concerns but most impressively, the initial treatments have provided relief that she hadn’t been able to achieve via conventional medicine. Thank you, Doctor, for sharing your knowledge and providing a new hope in our Mother’s life.

Tim P.

Kansas City


A study in November 2016 showed that 30 minutes of bright light therapy each morning was highly effective for treating major depression.


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Great research showing that the gut bacteria in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) patients is significantly altered, and very different from those without CFS. For a long time, doctors would tell the patient that CFS was “all in their head.” Not true! It is in their gut!...